Every once and a while someone comes along to become an important part of your life. Sharing experiences, making life fun.

For us, that someone was Hershey. She shared our lives, came with us on great aventures. This is her story.....


Hershey came to me by accident. She wasn't even supposed to be mine. I was living in Omaha, Nebraska at the time. During November 1983 I was dating Scott Jay. He had two German Shepherds and the mom was always having more than 10 puppies at a time. She had the misfortune of having a mixed litter previous to Hershey's and thus, Scott and his mom believed they could only give the new puppies away.

My cousin, Rod, was looking to get a large dog and wanted to have a male German Shepherd. I made the arrangements and Scott promised a male puppy for Rod. On the designated day, I made the appointment with the vet to have the puppy checked out before we would take it on the road for a the trip north to give to Rod.

That December afternoon Scott brought me a surprise, the puppy was a little girl. I called Rod and explained the situation, Scott's mom was giving away puppies at the same time and there were no males left. There was only this little girl. He said he didn't want her.

She was a very beautiful little thing; only about 8 weeks old. She had black fuzzy fur with creamy paws and the cutest face ever. There was something special about her. I was still living home and had to do some fast-talking to get Mom and Dad to agree to let me keep her. I promised to take care of all the bills and she would be all mine.

Right from the first we were drawn together. This was a sad and lonely time for me. I had just turned 20 years old and was feeling very alone and not very loved. From the very first she just looked up at me with those deep eyes and claimed me as her own. When I would put her down on the ground, she would follow my every move and step. I was hers and she was letting me know it.

That afternoon began a long lasting relationship. With her unconditional, devoted love, she gave me confidence. She made me brave. I had to take care of her....she took care of me.

This was the beginning of a very long and loving relationship.


God Bless our Troops

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